Our Philosophy

"The key to success is not denying yourself, when something stands in your way, move it!"

Radical Fitness Club was founded on the value of people and their appreciation of their bodies. A trainer that is easy to get along with and who listens but does not accept excuses is one of the keys that will drive you to success. I will always give reasons why it's important to value one's self and to keep pushing. Before every work out you will be provided encouragement to succeed, however,  "I can't" will not be accepted but "I can" will take you a long way. Strong mind, Strong body is the motto and here is where we develop the mind and body for growth. Every class ends with a group huddle along with words of encouragement. Our end goal is to build a positive comradery within the community.

Meet the Trainers

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Conrad Caldwell Jr.

Owner/Lead Trainer

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Anyone who has  been through or lived in the Midwest can attest to our hard work and can-do attitude. These values have driven my career as a fitness trainer. Helping people realize and reach their goals that they never thought were possible is my motivation.

I started my fitness training career in 2012 at TITLE Boxing Club in Cedar Rapids, IA. This came after I met my future employer while selling computers at Best Buy. After just one class I realized I had a passion for helping others achieve their goals. My passion grew with every class, every small group session, and every person I trained. I was dead set on being the best trainer I could possibly be.

I was with TITLE for 6 years until they, unfortunately, closed their doors. I began to think that this chapter in my life had came to an end but I still had the drive and passion to continue doing what I had grown to love. I took a couple of jobs at various gyms as a kickboxing instructor but I quickly realized those opportunities weren't for me and the programs were a bit different than what I wanted for my clients.

After long hours of reflection and prayer I came up with Radical Fitness Club where I could implement my own Boxing/Kickboxing program and philosophy. My clients loved the idea and had given me the motivation to take a leap of faith. I wanted a way to give back to them and our community so I am doing that by making my gym an affordable option for individuals and families! I look forward to meeting you next!

Thank You

Conrad Caldwell Jr.

Melanie Smith
General Manager/Trainer

                    Melanie Smith


Meet Melanie Smith! She comes to Radical Fitness Club after spending a 1.5 years managing and training at iLoveKickboxing. 

Her motto: "I believe that working out is not just for your body, but also your mind.  I have helped many people feel more confident and become happier, just from working out.  The only way to get the results you want is from hard work and being in constant communication with your trainer.  I look forward to seeing you in the gym!"




Meet Dane Reynolds. A native of Cedar Rapids, Iowa. He began his journey in boxing in 2013 at the Cedar Rapids Boxing Club. He began cultivating his skills and talents at the age of 19. He fought his first amateur fight at 20 years old. He holds two championship titles in the state of Iowa. One being the novice Golden Glove Champion of 2013 at 141 lbs and the other a State USA Champion of 2014 also at 141 lbs.

Danes Motto: “I am a servant first so my duty is unto others. I enjoy serving others in whatever capacity that I can. However, I have a special passion for training. I believe that with my experience in boxing, and the wisdom that I have sat under in the sport that I bring a unique dynamic to RFC and you will unlikely find anywhere else in the local area”

“It is my duty, and pleasure to help push you to the next level here at RFC both mentally and physically. I am here to serve those who feel like they are trapped with a problem that they cannot deal with on their own. By teaching them to trust our process, they will all come out with a triumphant proclamation.”

Next Steps...

If you are ready to make a change in your life geared towards a healthier, happier life then Radical Fitness Club is what you have been looking for. No class is ever the same and your trainer is going to motivate and push you to success! Always remember....STRONG BODY, STRONG MIND!