What are the benefits of cardio kickboxing?

Cardio Kickboxing/Boxing classes give you a full body workout and improve your flexibility, coordination, and balance. You will learn that throwing precision power punches will strength your core and upper body strength. This will rid the fat in the core area. The kicks we will perform will strengthen your legs and when you throw a knee strike you will firm your abdomen muscles. All moves and techniques are done righ.t will strengthen your body into a solid base

Who should take a cardio kickboxing class?

Everyone ages 5-60+ should take boxing/kickboxing classes as this program can benefit most ages. Athletes can train in the off season with this workout to condition their bodies for their particular sport. At the high school level, sports are very competitive and training in the off season is a must to prepare for tryouts and the rigors of the sport once you make the team. Students who are home-schooled or who do not like to participate in conventional athletic programs can derive health and fitness benefits from this program too. Exercise is important. And, because of the added self-defense benefit that comes as a by-product of the program, it improves self-esteem, channels aggressiveness, and enhances assertiveness. All in all we can all take a kickboxing/boxing class and the benefits follow us far outside of the gym.

What should I expect in a cardio kickboxing class?

A typical class is 60 minutes. You should expect to not have the same workout twice, and leave sweating!

Prior to the class, participants wrap both hands with boxing wraps to protect knuckles and support the wrists. The instructor will lead the group through specific punches and kicks, to the beat of music. The class will typically start with a warm-up period and then on to bag work and striking pads.

You may feel a little clumsy and lost at times - and don't get down on yourself for it., These moves may be new to your body. Pay attention to what feels right to you. Don't do a move that hurts, and take breaks if you feel tired. Your muscles need time to develop their "memory". By the second or third class, the awkwardness will start to go away.

What will I learn in class?

You will learn proper boxing and kickboxing stance, which is important because you always come back to your stance. As well you will learn a variety of punches and kicks. Typical punches are the jab, cross, hook and upper and typical kicks learned are the front, back, side and roundhouse kicks. We will focus on proper form and technique with all that we do.

Most importantly you will learn that you are stronger than you thought!

What should I wear to class?

Loose or tight-fitting workout clothing, whatever keeps you comfortable and cool.

Can I hurt myself?

Yes you may hurt yourself but we do our best to make sure you don't.  This is why it's important to slow down and ask question and not just go because everyone else is.  When you take your first few classes, tell yourself that your goal is to safely learn the techniques and not to shed five pounds or reshape your body. Protect yourself and body by being patient and get your instructor’s attention.

Will this program give me the skills I need to defend myself?

Boxing/Kickboxing will definitely give you some life skills to protect yourself in and out of class. However, working out is your main goal and learning basic self-defense skills at the same time is an added benefit. Be aware though that the focus is on fitness conditioning and not on self-defense. If you really want to develop your arsenal of self-defense techniques, take a technical martial arts or self-defense class

How can I get the most out of the classes?

You get the most out of class by taking the time to get it down, then taking a full out approach to pushing yourself farther. Showing up to class regularly and training your body to keep going will help you to succeed your goals. Be sure to rest up and come to each class with vigor each day so you can thoroughly enjoy punching out the annoying coworker or that driver who refused to let you into the exit lane yesterday.